Ramadan is on, and Zaky is too.


Today is the twelfth fast of Ramadan and my third Ramadan since I got married. It’s interesting how things change. From being woken up for suhoor by my mother, and coming to the table waiting for my suhoor meal to come to me, I am now responsible for waking up in the morning (parents still call and wake me up; time difference zindabad), nudging my husband out of bed so we can both start preparing the suhoor meal, all the while hoping the chaos doesn’t wake TheLittleMiss up.

Then, there’s the whole day ahead of me. TheLittleMiss refuses to let me do anything. She likes to stick to me. Run around within a 10-foot radius of me. I can’t move. She’s one of those kids, and I’m one of those moms. Well, she really sees no one else the whole day, so it’s okay. I kinda like that she loves me so much. Haha. The only other person she absolutely adores is her father, and when he’s home we trade places. She does sort of forget about me then, and as much as that used to annoy me (I’m a jealous, jealous person), I’m grateful for it now. Or else I may have had to turn on the TV and made her watch rhymes or Zaky all day instead of a few hours. Yeah, I know, screen time is bad and all that, but hey, if my kid is happy watching a purple bear with a cap sing her songs about how ‘learning is fun and learning is cool’, and gives me a break, it’s okay. If it still isn’t okay for you, please come over and babysit while I get some work done. Thank you.

Anywayyy. It is almost time to start preparing for iftar and the chatori-dilli waali side of me seems to have surfaced today, so I plan to try my hand at bhalla papdi. My mom sent me a recipe, and it seemed like so much work, I almost dropped the idea. But then, I remembered how I have access to shortcuts, so yay! Long live Gits dahi wada mix and Maggi Tamarind chutney hahah! So I’m off, and it’s time for Zaky for the LittleMiss, since Mr.Luckytohaveme isn’t home yet. So tata, and remember, ‘learning is fun, learning with Zaky, learning is cool…la la la la la’

Enjoy your iftar! 🙂

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