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Happy New Year, everyone!

Time flies, and how!

I have been in India for almost 2 months now, and I really cannot seem to figure out where the time has flown. It just so happens that nothing major has happened in these two months. Despite almost two weeks of awful jet-lag and all the crazy traveling, I’m actually surprised I made it through.

A trip to India means a lot of traveling for us. With my in-laws in Hyderabad, and my parents in Delhi, and a two-hour plane journey between them, it can be quite a pain. In just one month, we were on a plane 5 different times, and man, was I tired. It’s interesting how we would always think, ‘Oh, it’s just a two-hour plane ride’. Well, it isn’t. It is the hours of packing before, and the awful hour long (sometimes longer) drive to the airport, and then the serpentine lines at check-in followed by the long wait for boarding, and the possibility of delays because of the fog. Then comes the two-hour ‘short’ plane ride, the wait for baggage, and the next long drive home. THAT is what a trip between Delhi and Hyderabad means. Add to the mix an impatient toddler who refuses to sit, and pregnancy nausea that refuses to leave, and oh, what a joy traveling becomes. Oh, and I did this twice, by the way. Just a two-hour plane ride? Yeah, right.

Mr. Lucky was in India for just three weeks, and those three weeks were mostly spent dealing with jet-lag, and spending time with Mr. Lucky’s family in Hyderabad. A lot of sleeping at odd times and staying awake till late, playing board games and card games, and chatting and catching up, with a short trip to Delhi squeezed in between so that Mr. Lucky could spend some time with my family too. A day after Mr. Lucky left for home, I flew back to Delhi to be home at my maayka, and have only been sleeping and lazing around since then, while TheLittleMiss is taken care of by my parents and brother. Ah! The joys of being at your parents’. 

Since it is wedding season in Delhi, we have had invitations for wedding events for almost every day since I got here. Sometimes even three in one evening! Today is probably the last one for a while, and then we have got to start gearing up for a wedding in the family. Lots of trips to make to the market, buying fabrics and laces, and running behind tailors to get them stitched in time. Just your regular, run-of-the-mill, begaani shaadi mein Abdullah deewana type stuff. But there haven’t been many weddings in the family since mine, so it’s okay to be a little deewana

Hope everyone’s been having a great 2017 so far! 

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