The Past Few Months


It has been a crazy few months. In November 2016, two weeks before flying out to India for a much-awaited trip back home, we found out that we were expecting Baby#2! Ever since then, poor Baby#2 has only been traveling.

-Our time in India, back to both families, was a lot of fun despite nausea that just refused to leave. We enjoyed, we talked, we ate (whatever little I could keep in), and Mr. Lucky came back refreshed, while I stayed on with my parents for a few more months.

-While in Delhi with my parents I couldn’t do a lot of things I had initially planned on doing (because of the pregnancy and not keeping too well because of it), yet I had a great time. I relaxed, unwound, and TheLittleMiss had a blast getting pampered and spoilt by her nanihaal (maternal side of the family). I luckily also got to be a part of a wedding in my family and enjoy a whole week of festivities and wedding fun.

-I came back home in February, having cut my trip short by a month so that I could be back home, get settled, get TheLittleMiss back in a routine and prepare for Baby#2. And while Mr. Lucky and I were in the process of doing just that, my sister-in-law got engaged and the wedding was to happen in a matter of just two weeks! So, off we were to India…again!

-Two weeks of wedding preparations and festivities, and now we’re finally back home, with no plans to go back to India for a while…phew! TheLittleMiss must be more relieved than we are, honestly. The poor kid has had it tough. Especially with the whirlwind two-week trip where she had to attend way too many social functions in the heat, while terribly jet-lagged.

 -Now that we’re back, and things finally seem to be back in order (or so I would like myself to think), I know I have to be more dedicated to my blog. I started it, it deserves attention, and I feel like a neglectful mother.

So here’s to hoping I sort my crap out and get to work like I should. Hope you’ll stick with me!

 P.S. The picture is from a quiet little weekend trip we took to Stockton in Northern California in between both the trips to India.

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