My Top 5 Makeup Essentials


I have never really been a makeup person. Growing up, honestly, I wasn’t allowed to use any, and I’m not complaining. My skin has, alhamdolillah, been good to me, and I’m glad I don’t dread anyone seeing me without makeup.

I still remember the first time I used eyeliner, the first time I was allowed, and only for those two days- my uncle’s wedding, back when I was 12. For those two days of wedding functions, the shaadi and the walimah, I was allowed to buy, and apply a teeny weeny Elle 18 eyeliner in black (the thinnest line possible, which of course I had my cousin put on for me). The day after the walimah, that little bottle went into my mother’s vanity, of course. 

Finally, at 16, I was allowed the use of kaajal (kohl) which, in a few months, turned into eyeliner instead because my kaajal would always run and never stay put. That, and a transparent, no color, Palmer’s lip balm (which was used as lip gloss), was the entirety of my makeup arsenal till the day of my wedding at the age of 23. 

My wedding day was the first time ever that I had a full face of makeup on, all the way from a primer and foundation, to mascara and lipstick (thanks to a professional, of course, I would have wrecked it). Ever since then, I seem to have developed a fondness for makeup. Nothing overly dramatic, just some very basic stuff., especially lipsticks. Even went through a whole Dita Von Tesse red lips phase, where nothing was better than an amazing shade of red lipstick. (Red lipstick is still the best, but I have mellowed). 

I am actually pretty bad at the whole makeup thing. If a professional were to ever see me put mine on, they’d cringe and call me anaari. My everyday look is a simple black eyeliner and lip gloss, or an almost nude lipstick.

Here are my top 5 makeup arsenal essentials:

  1. A pen-style, black, liquid eyeliner

    I have tried and liked quite a few brands in these- L’oreal, MAC, Colorbar, Sephora, and I honestly don’t mind switching between either. Currently, though, I am using the Sephora Fine Line and I love it. Especially because it really does give you a fine line, which works great in case you mess the line up a little, since building over and fixing a fine line is okay and possible without going too thick, as opposed to starting out a little thick in the first place. Oh, and it’s waterproof and very long-lasting.

  2.  Clinique Chubby Stick

    Slight gloss, slight colour, ideal moisturisation, perfect for freshening up your face. I use the shade ‘Fuller Fig’ pretty much every day.

  3. MAC Studio Fix Pressed Powder

    I put on foundation only for parties or events, never on a daily basis. On days or moments when I need my face to look fresh, this is my go-to. It’s powdered foundation and it doesn’t go on cakey. I just swipe it over my face with a brush and it really freshens it up.

  4. Kat Von D Lipstick in Lolita

    I love this shade, and I love this formula. It isn’t entirely matte, not entirely creamy, and definitely not glossy. The shade goes well with my skin tone, which is generally a problem I face with light colors. I just love this lipstick, on its own or blended with darker shades to tone them down.

  5. Coconut OilDSC_2738At the end of the day, heavy make-up or just eyeliner, it has to come off. Although, I must admit there are days when I am just too lazy to go the whole cleansing route, and just wash my face with my regular face wash, a lot of eye stuff still on there. But on other days, cleaning my face with Coconut Oil is a major part of my night-time skincare routine. Massage my face with it, eyes and everything, use a face tissue to wipe it all off, and then wash as usual. All makeup gone. I have tried quite a few actual makeup removers, but somehow none of them does the job as well as coconut oil does. Also, it leaves my skin softer and moisturised.

What are your makeup must-haves?

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