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Raising Well-Mannered Children

Last week I talked about the importance of teaching our children good manners early on, and some things to remember while doing that.

Today I am sharing some basic social manners that children should be taught and prompted towards as they grow up and begin to understand instructions. Although my girls are too small to understand all of these yet, I still keep prompting my older daughter very gently (since my younger one’s only 3 months old) so that someday these will become a part of her personality and she won’t have to think before acting this way when she’s older or be told to do so either.

One thing for us to understand is that there is a difference between etiquette and good manners. While etiquette is generally a code of behavior that should be followed, a protocol if you will, depending on different times and social settings we may be in, good manners are a consideration for others and our general behavior towards them in all settings.

Here are some basic good manners that I believe are important for our children to learn and implement (and for us to show them) whether inside their homes or outside:

What, according to you, are some important basics to teach children to take care of in social settings and even at home?

Come back next week for dinner table manners to teach children and, of course, take care of ourselves too because, hey, we’re their role models, aren’t we?!

Disclaimer:  I am no parenting expert. Just a mother who is learning on the job and trying to incorporate into my parenting, whenever applicable, what I saw my parents do, and what I have learned from other parents too. 🙂

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