Rewind: October and November ’17


The last couple of months have been really busy, much like this whole year. The highlight of these two months was us moving into another apartment.

The move was an emotional one. Moving out of your first apartment always is. So many memories are attached to it. Mr. Luckytohaveme and I moved into that apartment together. It was brand new for both of us. We set it up bit by bit, and it was where both of our daughters came home when they were born.

Moments like these make you realise how nothing in this life is permanent, just like life itself, and how packing your life up really seems like no big deal for the most part. The only thing that does live on is memories.

Our previous apartment on a nice and sunny day, with the light sifting through the pink curtains. It looks nice and clean because we had people coming over haha. I have a toddler; that apartment was hardly ever neat and tidy. 
The coffee table has been covered because it was in a terrible state. We eventually got rid of it before we moved.

The previous apartment had been decorated over an almost four year period. We moved into the new apartment short of so many things. Since it is bigger, it currently looks empty and cold, and I like my house full of colours and warmth. There is a lot to do, and it is going to take a while.


Real life picture of our bare looking living room that needs SO much work! 

Of course, I have a list. A long list divided by room, shared with Mr. Lucky on Google Docs. It’s definitely going to take us at least a year till we get the apartment to look like we (read: I) have envisioned it, with never-ending little touches being added and subtracted here and there after that, one room at a time.


In other news, I turned 27 in October, although my dil shall always be 21. Yes, 27 years old and a little wiser too I’d like to think, despite Mr. Lucky’s varied opinion.


Our guest room still looks like this- suitcases that need to be adjusted into the closet, or put into the storage unit; a few cartons that haven’t yet been emptied since places to put the stuff they hold in haven’t been assigned yet. Mr. Lucky and I are lazy bums who treat our guest room like a garage until the stay-over guests start coming in. Our first for this apartment arrives in January- my brother. *squeals with joy* Two weeks before he comes, we’re going to go crazy and clear this up and make it look all pretty. Until then, I think this is pretty much what it is going to be like. If you visit me before that, the door will be shut and you will never know what lies inside. *sshh*

Disney’s plush toy section seems to have thrown up in my daughters’ room.

The kids’ room needs some work too, and that’s on the agenda for this month. Meanwhile, toys are strewn all over, and TheLittleMiss loves that she can pull all her toys out and enjoy in her room, and I love that it is the only room the toys are in (well, for the most part).



Besides moving and setting up, I have been admiring the Southern Californian sky. Just look how prettyyyyy! *heart-eyed emoticon*


I also finally perfected my aaloo-gosht, and wrote a post about it on my Instagram about how this was an emotional moment for me.


Nightstand Scene. Phone charger, lamp, books, Eucerin for my girls, and my own moisturiser. 


Since all my books are packed away in one of the few unopened cartons in the guest room, I only have these three out. Since reading with the kids is a little hard, I have decided to re-read some favourites- Things Fall Apart and Animal Farm- instead of starting new titles that would require more concentration. The third book is a gift from Mr. Lucky. He’s a sweet guy. Walks into a bookstore, finds a book I’d like, and brings it home for me. Perfect gift.

So that was the last two months of my life. Here’s ending this post with a picture of my favourite corner of our home. Tell me what the past few days/weeks/months of your life have been like!



18 thoughts on “Rewind: October and November ’17

  1. Wowww .. that’s beautiful ❤ , well managed.
    I still have lot to do , busy with my 1M but soon I’ll be needing your advice .. 😉

  2. such a nice feel good article. Moving is always tough glad to know you have settled well. Just take things slow and un pack as you get time and set things accordingly.

  3. Congratulations and best wishes. May the Almighty Allah bless your home with love, happiness. Prosperity and PEACE. Aameen

  4. loved reading your article. I am like you. I would so leave those cartons unpacked and do it all in a frenzy right before the deadline much to my husband’s irritation. Best wishes for your new home!

  5. O, my God. The name of my youngest sis is Sidra and we all five sisters used to do settings /decorations and event planning like this….. just loved your pinkish room decor.

  6. The only thing that is constant is change and moving out is definitely hard. The only time I moved out was when I got married. I lived all my life in the same house before that and it was so difficult to even think about shifting to a new place but it wasn’t bad at all in the end Alhamdulillah! I’ll cherish the memories I’ve made in this new place forever in’sha’Allah. All the best for your new place! ^_^

  7. Congratulations on the move! Khair insha’Allah!!!! I am actually moving house at the moment as well, so I feel your pain! I have also used it as a change to start fresh with some things and evaluated what I’ve been carrying around with me 🙂

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