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Since I was away last weekend and had practically no internet connectivity, I couldn’t put out a What’s Cookin’ post like I had planned for every Sunday (even today this post is coming out at almost the end of the day, but it’s okay)- which is why I have decided to share with you the menu for the last two weeks today.

Without further ado, here goes.


Monday: Matar Paneer (Peas and Cottage Cheese) and some random chicken dish


Since Mr. Lucky isn’t a great fan of vegetarian food I don’t make pure vegetarian food often. But I was in the mood for some paneer (cottage cheese) and he likes paneer so I made matar paneer.

The chicken dish was an afterthought. Mr. Lucky prefers to eat some form of meat for dinner, so I decided not to torture the poor man and just make some chicken. I had some marinated chicken in the fridge that I had kept for a rainy day so I just threw that into a pan and made something out of it. Turned out pretty awesome and rich-tasting. The magic ingredient is always cream- in everything and anything.

Tuesday: Leftovers

I was all set to make some cheesy chicken pasta on Tuesday, and my sauce was partially done and the pasta beginning to cook when our stove stopped working. All of a sudden. And it just wouldn’t start working. I started cooking late on Tuesday since I was out with the kids that day, and by the time I realised the stove had stopped working, Mr. Lucky was home and the good places to eat were closed, so we ended up eating leftovers from Monday.

Wednesday: Hyderabadi Green Chicken


Mr. Lucky had asked me to make Green Chicken this week, so that became Wednesday’s meal. Turned out good but creamy and rich instead of tangy and spicy. So it probably wasn’t proper Hyderabadi Green Chicken but tasted good nonetheless.

Thursday: Koftay


Meatballs with desi spices in a desi gravy, if you don’t know what Koftay are. Although everyone uses different meats for these- whatever they normally prefer, Mr. Lucky and I like koftay made with beef.

That weekend Mr. Lucky and I were away at a weekend seminar, so we ate out on Friday and Saturday, and had a simple rice and yogurt with kababs meal once we got home on Sunday, pretty late at night.


Monday: Chicken Biryani


Despite being married to a Hyderabadi, (a group of people who take great pride in their biryani) I have only attempted to make biryani about 5 times, and proper kachi yakhni ki biryani only once. This was a quick, not too much hassle kind of biryani. Made qorma, suddenly felt like eating rice, so decided to layer it up and turn it into biryani, and voila!

Tuesday: Daal Chawal

No pictures of this because, well, I was too hungry and forgot.

Wednesday: Chicken Pasta


Remember the chicken pasta I was supposed to make last week when the stove stopped working on me? The marinated chicken was still in my freezer, so I finally made my creamy cheesy pasta.

Thursday: Chicken Curry


A simple chicken curry- familiar, homely, comfort food.

Friday: Beef Paya


Winters are the time to eat paya (meat trotters). It’s healthy, with a soup-like consistency, and cook all day unless you’re using a pressure cooker. This was my first attempt at paya, so I made it the traditional way- by letting it cook for almost 12 hours. Tasted good, but not as good as I had hoped.

Sidenote: I know paya is eaten with naan, but have you tried it with French bread? The bread soaks it up completely and it tastes great!

What did you eat the last two weeks?

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