2017: The Year That Went By

Another year has passed and the calendars have changed. A year used to seem so long when we were in school, and couldn’t wait to go to the next grade and then the next so that we could be out of school and start “enjoying” our lives. Hah. How stupid we were. And now, years pass and we look back thinking about how it just swooshed past us.

2017 was a busy year for us. Towards the end of 2016, Mr. Lucky, TheLittleMiss, and I flew to India to visit both families. Mr. Lucky was back in LA in December, but I stayed on.


I started 2017 in Delhi with my parents and brother and spent January enjoying a family wedding and singing to dholki songs at the top of my voice; took very few trips to the market, but enjoyed myself a lot.


Came back to Los Angeles in February and a couple of weeks later drove up to Stockton in Northern California where Mr. Lucky had to play a Racquetball tournament that weekend.


A few days back from Stockton and we rushed to India (Hyderabad) for my sister-in-law’s wedding. This is us decking her up with flowers (in true Hyderabadi style) before her rukhsati.


My mama arrived a few weeks later and Ramadan started. It was a Ramadan filled with mama and her iftar treats! And on the last day of Ramadan, another little treat arrived!


Bubbles was born the day before Eid, and although Mr. Lucky and I spent most of Eid in the hospital, while my mother was home with TheLittleMiss, it was a very very special Eid!


My mother left a little over a month after Bubbles was born and my grandparents arrived and spent a little less than a week with us before flying to my Uncles’ in different cities.


We, along with some of our friends, took a weekend trip to La Quinta (Palm Springs) over Labor Day weekend. A nice and huge holiday home right on the golf course, and friends to talk to all night while snacking. Ah, sheer joy!


Our apartment hunt finally came to an end and we moved into a bigger apartment. Packing up and leaving our previous apartment was an emotional experience, but so glad we are in a bigger apartment now, and finally 95% unpacked and slowly setting up our new home.


My little princess, TheLittleMiss, turned three, and I was conflicted whether to be happy that she is growing up so beautifully, or sad that she is growing up too fast and would, in a few years, not want to cuddle with me or follow me around and will instead fight with me and consider me her worst enemy for a while. Totally dreading those teenage years already if you can’t tell by that super complex sentence.


Over Christmas weekend we took a trip to San Diego with our friends. Another laid-back, do nothing kind of a weekend of chilling and talking until we couldn’t keep our eyes open anymore.


And…we turned 4. Say Allahumma Baarik!

2017 was a great year, alhamdolillah. Looking forward to a wonderful 2018, inshaAllah!

Happy New Year, everyone!

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  1. Beautiful pics and fun post! 😊😊😊 have a great year ahead dear! May Allah always keep u n ur family happy & blessed. Ameen ❤

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