Review: Hidden Pearls Hijabs

Anyone who knows me well knows I am a hijab hoarder. I love owning hijabs in all different colours and fabrics. So when I received a package from Hidden Pearls, a hijab brand I had always intended to order from, I was very excited!

I opened the package to find two beautiful hijabs from Hidden Pearls- one from their Deluxe Diamante Silk collection and the other from their Tassel Hijabs Collection, both in shades of my favourite colour, pink.

The silk hijab is beautiful- a very elegant, rich looking hijab, tastefully studded with little gems, making it the perfect party hijab. It is not see-through, which is a big plus.

My only concern was that it is slippery, as silk hijabs generally are. It can be draped beautifully with an under cap, though. But if you don’t like wearing an under cap, but still want this hijab, it can very well be used as a dupatta or stole too!

The Tassel Hijab is a nice soft viscose with good coverage, making it a very comfortable hijab that drapes really well. This doesn’t really require an under cap to hold it in place which is a big plus for me. This hijab can also be dressed up or down.

One thing I really like about both the hijabs is that they’re quite wide- 180 x 80 cms, if I’m not mistaken. I usually have this issue with hijabs- that they are sometimes not wide enough to cover the bosom. The hijabs from Hidden Pearls do not come with that problem.

The Silk Diamante hijab retails at £12.99, which is about $17, and the Tassel Hijab retails at £9.99 which is about $13. Which might seem a tad bit expensive if you count in shipping. But, the quality is great, so you do get your money’s worth.

If you’re looking for new hijabs, I’d definitely recommend you check out Hidden Pearls!


I received two hijabs from Hidden Pearls in return for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are entirely my own and not influenced by the brand Hidden Pearls and/or its affiliates.

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