On Concealing Faults


I have often seen people show great strength of character when they say they will conceal another’s faults and shortcomings for the sake of Allah. That they would cover up someone’s sins and misgivings from the world so that Allah may cover and forgive theirs. I admire people who do this- as this is a state of mind and heart that is extremely hard to achieve, and one I hope to achieve myself some day.

I was, however, very recently left baffled at how people who show this moral high ground later go ahead and uncover someone’s misgivings and faults for the sake of justifying their own. Blurting out others’ secrets is not new. People do it all the time. But isn’t uncovering the very faults that we covered for the sake of Allah in order to benefit our own selves the absolute opposite of what we are supposed to do?

It makes me wonder what we really mean when we say we do something for the sake of Allah. Does that end the moment another’s shortcoming starts to benefit us?

So I ask you- what does it mean- truly mean- when we say we protect someone for the sake of Allah? When we hide another’s faults hoping and praying that Allah conceals ours? What does it mean?

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