My Everyday Desi Home-Cooking Menu

Growing up in a Desi household meant having home-cooked food on the table every day- breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In almost all Desi households all over the world, this is how mealtimes still work.

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Cooking may not be something everyone enjoys, but it isn’t exactly a hard thing to do. For a lot of us, it isn’t the actual cooking that proves a struggle, rather it is thinking about what to cook that we dread. To make it easier for myself, I recently compiled a master list of everyday meals we like to eat as a family, and some that were shared by friends (real-life and Instagram), and with great input from my mother dearest. The purpose of this list is to act as a menu to choose dishes from whether deciding what to cook spontaneously or planning ahead for the entire week. Daawat (party) dishes and non-desi dishes are not listed in this menu as it focuses on everyday desi meals.

I share this list with you with the hopes that it helps make your dedication to home-cooking easier to fulfill and save you time. Use this as often as you like to plan meals for the following days depending on your mood, available ingredients, and time you would likely have. I hope you find it beneficial!

Download the master list here: Every Day Desi Homecooking Menu

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