On Being Judgmental


We have a huge problem among our people. We are very quick to form opinions and then stick to them. We are judgmental, we take things purely on hearsay and we spread all the negatives we hear.

It is sad that our people are in such a state when our religion clearly teaches us otherwise. We are not allowed to talk about others behind their backs unless we have something good to say. We have been discouraged from forming opinions without knowing the truth. We have also been prohibited from spreading hearsay.

Yet, we do it.

We listen to people talking ill of others and we accept it. We then go ahead and completely discredit the one being talked about, share our opinions with everyone, tarnish someone’s name and reputation, and we are still able to sleep at night at peace with ourselves.

When we shouldn’t be at peace with ourselves. We cannot be.

Every single person in this world is erroneous. Made to sin by day and repent by night. Nobody is perfect. Perfection is an attribute of Allah alone. Let’s remember that at all times. So, the next time someone comes to us talking about someone, disclosing their faults, whether true or not, remember that no one is free from imperfections. And no one has the right to judge others. And that we can never truly and fully know a person- neither the one being mentioned, nor the one doing the mentioning- we only see what we are shown. Our own sins and errors are enough for us to deal with. Let’s not pile on to them by worrying about those of others. 

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