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Choosing a Hajj Package

Makkah Kaaba Hajj Muslims

Hajj is the single most important journey a Muslim takes in their lifetime. It requires preparation- mental, physical, material, and spiritual. One of the first things that need to be done, after the intention of course, is to find and choose a package that best suits your needs and budget.

My husband and I went for Hajj in the year 2019, alhamdolillah. While researching packages and weighing all our options, we realized that there can be quite a few things to consider. These things become even more apparent once you’ve been on the journey and have had a chance to talk to others about their experiences. 

Around this time of the year is when everyone who has intended to go for Hajj starts finalizing their packages and so I thought I would put together this post of points that both my husband and I thought were essential to consider while booking a Hajj package, based on our personal experience.  

The following points are in no particular order but are things you should discuss with your spouse, parents, siblings, whomever it is that may be accompanying you. Once you know how you would like to go about them, make sure you talk to all the service providers personally to have your queries answered so that you can make an informed decision. 

Points I will elaborate on below:

  1. Legitimacy and responsiveness of the agency.
  2. Where to stay during Makkah.
  3. Assigned Scholars/Shuyookh.
  4. Makkah first or Madinah.
  5. Mina tents: VIP or regular.
  6. Meals.



A final point I would like to make is this: If you can spend more money during Hajj and can afford good accommodations, please do. This is one trip that you should consider spending a little more than planned on if your finances allow it. Especially because you need to concentrate on your ibadah. Discomfort is extremely likely to distract you from your efforts and put dents in your ibadah. Spending more can give you some control over what to expect. Beyond that everything will work as is Allah’s plan.

May Allah bless your intention and efforts, make your journey easy for you and grant you a blessed and accepted Hajj. Aameen.

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