My name is Sidra, a twenty something, stay-at-home mama to two beautiful little girls.

I was born in Delhi, India, raised in Muscat, Abu Dhabi, and Delhi, and have been living in Los Angeles, California ever since I got married six years ago.

I love reading (books, articles, blogs, cereal boxes- you name it), writing, decorating my home (with the strong belief that despite being a rental, it is still mine and deserves love) , watching my kids’ antics (best pastime), watching TV shows (especially binging on FRIENDS despite having done so a million times already), and have very recently started enjoying tinkering in the kitchen as well (after having despised it all this time, and doing so only out of necessity).

I am not an expert on anything, but I strongly believe in sharing my thoughts and experiences just in case they may benefit someone. Here, and on my Instagram, I share little tidbits of my motherhood experience, my perspective on relationships, my tryst with homemaking, and just life in general.

Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you like it enough to want to stay!