I have done it. Yup, I have. I have finally jumped onto the bandwagon. Finally listened to me. Finally given in to my laziness. I.Have.Done.It.

Found my voice too, really. Having attempted the ‘philosophical’ blog route, trying very hard to show how wise-beyond-my-years I am, and failing at keeping it going (cause, unfortunately, philosophy doesn’t come to me as naturally as I would have liked), I am finally here, being very much myself, much to Mr. Luckytohaveme’s delight.
As part of my total blogger image revamp, I would have liked to change my screen name, but the mister thought it wasn’t my best idea, and somehow managed to convince me to keep this, which is actually very difficult if you know me well, so he must have made a great argument. Can’t remember it now, though.
So, here I am. Fresh blog, a fresh start, fresh space.
See you around, and I hope you’ll like it here enough to keep coming back!

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