I live in a country where no matter how close to a mosque you may live, you cannot hear the adhan being called out, and as much as I would love the sound of the adhan resonating from the loudspeaker of the mosque, and into my ears, I understand why that doesn’t happen here, and that’s okay. Prayer times are available to us, and we also have apps that send us notifications in the form of adhan, beeps, vibration, and push notifications when it’s time for prayer. I still, however, believe that the adhan, in all its glory, should always be heard in my home, five times a day, even if we aren’t home. I can’t help it, you can call me an adhan junkie.

This is where my trusted Al-Fajr Adhan Alarm clock comes in. This little clock is my friend, and it came with me as part of my “jehez”, and has, since the day I moved into my first marital home, been telling me, loud and clear, ‘Yalla, Sidra, get up and pray’.

Unfortunately, though, today my dear adhan clock fell into a pot full of water and stopped working. For the first time in all the time Mr. Lucky and I have been married and living in this house, we broke our fast by waiting for the push notifications on our phones. There was no sound of adhan to rely on, and it made us terribly sad. *sighs*

So now, as I’m getting ready to order a new clock for us, I thought I’d share my sadness with you. You see, like they say, ‘dukh baatne se kam hota hai”. I also want to tell you to please get an adhan clock for your homes if you can’t hear the adhan, so that your kids grow up hearing it, and fall in love with the legacy of Bilal.


Vocab Lesson:

Adhan: Muslim call for prayer

Jehez: The stuff a girl gets with her when she gets married

Yalla: Arabic slang for ‘come on’

Dukh baatne se kam hota hai: Grief tends to lessen when shared

Bilal: A companion of Prophet Muhammad, and the first man to give the call for prayer as we know it.